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Max-Lume Revolution Remote Spotlight/Driving Light 150mm 100w Halogen MLR-150RD-100HAL

150mm halogen driving light 2
150mm halogen driving light 2


The all new Max-Lume Revolution Range of Spotlights can provide you with the flexibility and ability to adapt to situations by presenting an interchangeable system of lighting components which, when assembled, allows the user a myriad of lighting options!

This light, coupled with the remote spotlight/driving light mount has multiple functions as it can be mounted on the roof or front of any size or type of vehicle for use while driving (ideal for country night driving), used with the Max-Lume Remote Handle which allows for spotlighting through the roof or with the Pro-Tactical Spotlight Door Mount as well as a multitude of other applications.

This light also has a manual adjustment feature which allows the user to focus the light from a wide angle beam to a tight pencil spot for use in a variety of situations, perfect for anyone into 4x4 off road driving, hunting or for people who just need that extra lighting while driving.


  • Brightness - 1000 Lumens
  • Reflector Size - 150mm
  • Bulb - 100 Watt Halogen
  • Adjustable Beam
  • Design - Polycarbonate Construction, Water Resistant, Shock Proof

The Max-Lume Revolution

The Revolution range encompasses multiple components which allow the user to swap between Halogen and HID Bulbs, countless mounting options, as well as interchangeable reflector sizes – all within the one light!

Available Max-Lume Revolution Interchangeable Components for this light:

  • Mounts - Hand Held Pistol Grip with Curly Cord, Remote Spotlight/Driving Light Mount, Suction Cup, Magnetic Base and Scope Mount
  • Reflectors - 150mm and 175mm
  • Bulbs and Fittings - 55 Watt HID, 100 Watt Halogen and 50 Watt Halogen

Revolution Spotlight - Oven Test